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@@ -8,8 +8,23 @@ This is a demo of how I keep my private journal. In short:
- ikiwiki's [inline][] directive helps collect journal entries
- tags and topic pages help collect
- I have a "topic" for each person
-* [jt][] helps make entries and maintain the journal
+* [jt][] helps make entries and maintain the journal (not necessary,
+ but relieves some tedium)
+To use:
+* install ikiwiki
+* clone this repo
+* edit ikiwiki.setup to set paths appropriately
+* run ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup
+* open the output files in a web browser or sync the files to a web
+ server -- ikiwiki renders static pages, and does not need to be
+ installed on the server
+* create journal entries as notes/YYYY/MM/DD/basename.mdwn -- see
+ examples