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masterFix: undo image rooting, fix other way laterLars Wirzenius19 months
0.2fable-poc-0.2.tar.gz  Lars Wirzenius22 months
0.1fable-poc-0.1.tar.gz  Lars Wirzenius22 months
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2019-06-14Change: format HTML also via ftt-docgen0.2Lars Wirzenius1-6/+7
2019-06-14Change: format fables with ftt-docgenLars Wirzenius3-2/+4
2019-06-14Add: sketch for a jt fableLars Wirzenius2-0/+159
2019-06-14Fix: formatting of steps without a matching bindingLars Wirzenius1-2/+5
2019-06-09Change: use same font for DOT images as for main text in PDFLars Wirzenius1-2/+7
2019-06-09Change: tested list of packages that need to be installedLars Wirzenius1-1/+3
2019-06-09Fix: git describe invocationLars Wirzenius1-1/+1
2019-06-09Change: set doc date metadata to git-describe or date(1)0.1Lars Wirzenius1-0/+6
2019-06-09Change: linguistic improvements to tutorial.mdLars Wirzenius1-12/+45
2019-06-09Change: minor linguistic improvement to echo.mdLars Wirzenius1-3/+1