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Change: tutorial to use new command line syntax for tools
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@@ -182,14 +182,16 @@ To produce a PDF document of the echo requirements, for you to review,
the following commands are needed:
-./ftt-docgen echo.yaml >
-./ -o tmp.pdf
-./ -o tmp.html
+./ftt-docgen >
+./ftt-pandoc -o tmp.pdf
+./ftt-pandoc -o tmp.html
-`echo.yaml` is the bindings. `` is the markdown. `tmp.pdf` and
-`tmp.html` are the formatted documents. The source files are included
-in the `fable-poc` git repository.
+`` is the markdown input file, `` is the temporary
+markdown output file. `echo.yaml` is the bindings, and its name is
+inferred by `ftt-docgen`. `tmp.pdf` and `tmp.html` are the formatted
+documents. The input files are included in the `fable-poc` git
Running the tests
@@ -198,7 +200,7 @@ To generate the test program, and running it to produce the test
report, the following commands are needed:
-./ftt-codegen echo.yaml >
+./ftt-codegen >
@@ -209,9 +211,10 @@ OK: No arguments
OK: Hello, world
-`echo.yaml` and `` are again the binding and markdown files.
-`` is needed for code generation. Also, `` has
-the Python functions, needed at runtime, though not referenced above.
+`echo.yaml` and `` are again the bindings and markdown files.
+Also, `` has the Python functions, needed at runtime, though
+not referenced above. The names of `` and `echo.yaml` are
+inferred by `ftt-codegen`.
@@ -235,4 +238,3 @@ Fable and this tutorial.
* Did you have any problems following the tutorial?
* Did you get through the tutorial successfully?
* Did you do the exercise?