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tool produces a PDF or HTML document, for humans to read. The other
produces a test program, which executes the acceptaance tests.
+## A fairy tale of acceptance tesing
+The king was upset. This naturally meant the whole court was in a
+tizzy and chattering excitedly at each other, while trying to avoid
+the royal wrath.
+"Who will rid me of this troublesome chore?" shouted the king, and
+quaffed a flagon of wine. "And no killing of priests, this time!"
+The grand hall's doors were thrown open. The grand wizard stood in the
+doorway, robe, hat, and staff everything, but quite still. After the
+court became silent, the wizard strode confidently to stand before the
+"What ails you, my lord?"
+The king looked upon the wizard, and took a deep breath. It does not
+do to shout at wizards, for they control dragons, and even kings are
+tasty morsels to the great beasts.
+"I am tired of choosing what to wear every day. Can't you do
+The wizard stoke his long, grey beard. He turned around, looked at the
+magnificient outfits worn by members of the court. He turned back, and
+looked at the king.
+"I believe I can fix this. Just to be clear, your beef is with having
+to choose clothing, yes?"
+"Yes", said the king, "that's what I said. When will you be done?"
+The wizard raised his staff and brought it back down again, with a
+loud bang.
+"Done" said the wizard, smugly.
+The king was amazaed and started smiling, until he noticed that
+everyone, including himself, was wearing identical burlap sacks and
+nothing on their feet. His voice was high, whiny, like that of a
+little child.
+"Oh no, that's not at all what I wanted! Change it back! Change it
+back now!"
+The morale of this story is to be clear and precise in your acceptance
+criteria, or you might get something than what you really, really
## Motivation for Fable
Keeping track of requirements and acceptance criteria is necessary for