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+Ick has been a little on the backburner lately, while I sort out some
+personal and work stuff. However, it would be good to have a little
+discussion about where we should take ick next.
+Current status is that the controller works and builds happen. There is
+_very_ rudimentary web application.
+It is clear to me, after talking to various people, that a web interface
+for ick should be a high priority. I'm not good with front-end web stuff,
+so that's something I'd really like help with.
+A pre-requisite for an ick web application is to make end-user
+authentication more sensible. At the moment, the web application allows the
+user to log in, and that works. However, the command line application,
+icktool, requires a different set of credential.
+Technically, the web application uses the OpenID Connect authorization code
+flow for login, and ickdtool uses the OAuth2 client credentials grant. I
+think this needs to be handled so that the web application is changed to
+allow the user to create an "API token", which icktool can use to access
+the controller. This allows the user to only have one set of credentials,
+which is much more sane.
+The API token will be an extension to OIDC, and will allow icktool to
+retreive a standard access token, for actually accessing the controller
+API. The access token will identify the user.
+When all API use identifies the user, we can change ick to assign an owner
+to each resource (project, pipeline, build, build log, artifact), and
+restrict users to only see, create, modify, and delete their own artifacts.
+This, in turn, will take ick much closer to being a "hostable service",
+where different users are more or less safe from each other.
+What do you all think about this? Is there something you'd really like to
+see in ick, before or after the above? Please say, the floor is open for
+dreams, fantasies, and wishes.
+The ick web application will be using the RESTful HTTP APIs of the various
+ick components, but can otherwise be separate from them. It can be
+implemented in any language and way, as long as the user is happy to use it
+and it uses Qvisqve for end-user authenticattion and the ick APIs for drive
+ick. I'd like the web application to be free software, built using tools in
+Debian, and have no dependencies outside what is packaged in Debian.
+However, I realise that's a difficult request in the modern world of web
+development, so I'm willing to discuss the build and runtime dependencies,
+though not the freedom.
+If web application front-ends are something you like working on, please say
+so. I'd really appreciate any help with the front-end.
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+ick-discuss mailing list
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