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+We've had a short disucssion on IRC about maybe adding support to Gitano (a
+git server) and ick for ActivityPub instead of having explicit triggers
+configured in Gitano to trigger builds in ick. I thought I'd expand on that
+a little bit.
+The thing I'm grasping at is that currently, each git server instance needs
+to notify each CI instance separetely, creating a fairly tight coupling.
+Alternatively, each CI instance needs to poll each git server, which is
+unworkable at scale.
+So currently, if there are three users, one using, one using, and one using the Debian gitlab instance (salsa), and each user
+is developing their own software, then each user needs to configure their
+own git server to notify their own CI server. So far, so good.
+However, if each of the three also wants to build and deploy each other's
+software, so that if user A makes a change, it gets put through CI by A's,
+B', and C's CI, and then deployed to A's, B's, and C's production server,=
+and likewise for B's and C's software, then each of the three needs to add
+a trigger hook on each of th three git repositories. That's three
+repositories, three CI servers, and a total of nine trigger hooks.
+That's still manageable, but there are problems. Not all git servers allow
+random strangers to add trigger hooks on each repository. Also, three
+repositories and three CI servers is small potatoes. Imagine having fifty
+thousand repositories! Debian has about that many binary packages.
+Also imagine that those fifty thousand repositories are used by a million
+users. Not all of them by all users, but many repositories by each of the
+million. Having millions of hooks does not scale. Having that much polling
+also doesn't scale.
+So here's the solution I'm thinkin of: instead of having the git server
+notify each CI server, have the git server send a message to an ActivityPub
+server, and have each CI server listen on such messages on their own
+ActivityPub server. The AP servers federate (send messages to each other),
+so each git server and each CI server only needs to post to and listen on
+one AP server.
+With this design, many-to-lots communication becomes feasible.
+A makes a change, and pushes to their git server. The git server posts a
+message to its own AP server, saying "this branch on this repo on this git
+server has changed, new commit it CAFEBEEF." The AP server knows who's
+"following" A's repository, and so the message flows out to the AP server
+network to every AP server where a CI server is interested in that
+repository. Each of those CI servers can then trigger a build and deploy of
+A's software.
+I don't actually know much about ActivityPub yet. It's the protocol behind
+the Mastodon system (, and it works fine for a
+Twitter clone. I don't know yet if it would work for what I'm talking about
+above, but I think so.
+Of course, doing distributed CI at this scale might not be something that
+anyone actually cares about. We'll see. But even at a small scale, I'd like
+to break the necessity of the git server having to know about each CI
+server that is interested in each of its repositories.
+Also, this needs thinking for non-public repositories.
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+ick-discuss mailing list
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