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+(Also posted as if
+that's easier to read.)
+In the modern world, a lot of computing happens on other people's
+computers. We use a lot of services provided by various parties. This
+is a problem for user freedom and software freedom. For example, when
+I use Twitter, the software runs on Twitter's servers, and it's
+entirely proprietary. Even if it were free software, even if it were
+using the Affero GPL license (AGPL), my freedom would be limited by
+the fact that I can't change the software running on Twitter's
+If I could, it would be a fairly large security problem. If I could,
+then anyone could, and they might not be good people like I am.
+If the software were free, instead of proprietary, I could run it on
+my own server, or find someone else to run the software for me. This
+would make me more free.
+That still leaves the data. My calendars would still be on Twitter's
+servers: all my tweets, direct messages, the lists of people I follow,
+or who follow me. Probably other things as well.
+For true freedom in this context, I would need to have a way to
+migrate my data from Twitter to another service. For practical
+freedom, the migration should not be excessively much work, or be
+excessively expensive, not just possible in principle.
+For Twitter specifically, there's free-er alternatives, such as
+For ick, my CI / CD engine, here is my current thinking: ick should
+not be a centralised service. It should be possible to pick and choose
+between instances of its various components: the controller, the
+workers, the artifact store, and Qvisqve (authentication server).
+Ditto for any additional components in the future.
+Since users and the components need to have some trust in each other,
+and there may be payment involved, this may need some co-ordination,
+and it may not be possible to pick entirely freely. However, as a
+thought experiment, let's consider a scenario.
+Alice has a bunch of non-mainstream computers she doesn't use herself
+much: Arm boards, RISCV boards, PowerPC Macs, Amigas, etc. All in good
+working condition. She'd be happy to set them up as build workers, and
+let people use them, for a small fee to cover her expenses.
+Bettina has a bunch of servers with lots of storage space. She'd be
+happy to let people use them as artifact stores, for a fee.
+Cecilia has a bunch of really fast x86-64 machines, with lots of RAM
+and very fast NVMe disks. She'd also be happy to rent them out as
+build workers.
+Dinah needs a CI system, but only has one small server, which would
+work fine as a controller for her own projects, but is too slow to
+comfortably do any actual building.
+Eliza also needs a CI system, but wants to keep her projects separate
+from Dinah's, so wants to have her own controller. (Eliza and Dinah
+can't tolerate each other and do not trust each other.)
+Fatima is trusted by everyone, except Eliza, and would be happy to run
+a secure server with Qvisqve.
+Georgina is like Fatima, except Eliza trusts her, and Dinah doesn't.
+The setup would be like this:
+* Alice and Cecilia run build workers. The workers trust both Fatima's
+ and Georgina's Qvisqves. All of their workers are registered with
+ both Qvisqves, and both Dinah's and Eliza's controllers.
+* Bettina's artifact store also trusts both Qvisqves.
+* Dinah creates an account on Fatima's Qvisqve. Eliza on Georgina's
+ Qvisqve. They each get an API token from the respective Qvisqve.
+* When Dinah's project builds, her controller uses the API token to
+ get an identity token from Fatima's Qvisqve, and gives that to each
+ worker used in her builds. The worker checks the ID token, and then
+ accepts work from Dinah's controller. The worker reports the time
+ used to do the work to its billing system, and Alice or Cecilia uses
+ that information to bill Dinah.
+* If a build needs to use an artifact store, the ID token is again
+ used to bill Dinah.
+* For Eliza, the same thing happens, except with another Qvisqve, and
+ costs from he builds go to her, not Dinah.
+This can be generalised to any number of ick components, which can be
+used criss-cross. Each component needs to be configured as to which
+Qvisqves it trusts.
+I think this would be a nicer thing to have than the centralised
+hosted ick I've been thinking about so far. Much more complicated, and
+much more work, of course. But interesting.
+There are some interesting and difficult questions about security to
+solve. I don't want to start thinking about the details yet, I'll play
+with the general idea first.
+What do you think?
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