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+Subject: Migrating to a new Ick: tooling
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+Consider this scenario: you are using an Ick instance and have some
+projects and pipelines configured, and have run a number of builds,
+and have some artifacts. You'd like to move all of that to a new
+instance. You might want to move because of cost, or better
+reliability, or because you want to start using a new version of Ick.
+The last one is relevant to me, as I'm contemplating changing how Ick
+stores data and to use Muck for that in the future. This will be
+necessity requires setting up a new instance and moving all data to
+that. (I'm not willing to consider migrating an existing Ick instance
+in place to use Muck. There's too much risk of that going wrong.)
+The basic approach I'm thinking is to have icktool be able to dump all
+data from an Ick instance to a file, and then "undump" from that file
+to another Ick instance. This will also give users a way to backup and
+restore their Ick data.
+The commands would be something like:
+ icktool dump > dump.yaml
+ icktool undump < dump.yaml
+The data in an Ick instance is:
+* projects
+* pipelines
+* information about builds and their logs
+* artifacts
+Projects and pipelines are reasonably easy, and can already be done
+with the current controller API. The only niggle will be setting
+ownerships of resources, and that's something that isn't even relevant
+yet, and will have to wait until Muck is used, because there isn't any
+ownership yet.
+Builds and build logs are tricky: currently the controller API does
+not allow creating such resources. I'm not sure if it's worth allowing
+migration of that.
+Artifacts can be handled with the current API, but are not nearly as
+important as projects and pipelines.
+To keep things simple, I'm thinking that we should start with just
+projects and pipelines, and see how it goes. We can add the rest
+later, if and when needed.
+My immediate need is to have something to allow me to replace the
+current Ick demo instance, and my personal instance, with a new
+version that uses Muck to data managed by the controller. For this,
+projects and pipelines should be enough.
+Thus, for the next iteration, I am suggesting we implement "icktool
+dump" to produce a YAML file in a format that "icktool make-it-so" can
+read. Thus "make-it-so" is the implementation of the "undump" sketched
+I want to build worthwhile things that might last. --joeyh
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+ick-discuss mailing list
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