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+On Wed, Jul 04, 2018 at 10:29:14 +0300, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
+> Thanks, Daniel. That's illuminating and interesting.
+I'm glad :-)
+> I'm going to rephrase what you wrote, to show how I understood it, and
+> to suggest something.
+Fair, I'll respond inline here :-)
+> First, a comment on adding a templating language on top of YAML. I
+> first encountered this with Ansible, and I've since used in my own
+> vmdb2 project. It's a powerful concept, but I find it to sometimes be
+> problematic: the input files aren't actually YAML anymore, and they
+> become harder to understand and harder to debug. Sometimes that's OK,
+> the added power is worth it. However, I'd like to avoid that for ick,
+> for the time being.
+> (Also, as you say, using jinja2 for templating might become
+> problematic if and when ick gets rewritten in another language.)
+Yes, absolutely. At the "worst" we can come up with a convention by which
+icktool expands things before it sends them to the controller, but let's avoid
+templating languages for now.
+> Your first use case seems to me to be like this:
+> * all your projects live on the same git server, next to each other
+> * your main repository for a component is foo.git, branch master
+> * its Debian packaging is in foo-debian.git, branch master for unstable
+> * additionally, you have some common build tooling in
+> * gp-packaging-tools.git
+Yep (though foo/debian.git) :-)
+> I note that this has a fairly tight coupling between the repositories
+> for the main code and the Debian packaging. For ick, I'd prefer to
+> avoid mandating that: one use case might be that I want to package
+> your code and I put the Debian packaging on my server, while your code
+> remains on yours.
+Yes, the coupling is tight for the packages I have.
+> My suggestion would be to change the git action to look for a project
+> parameter "git" (or "sources"?), which would be a *list* of
+> url/ref/dir tuples. For you, each project would have a parameter like
+> this:
+> - project: foo
+> parameters:
+> git:
+> - url: git://
+> ref: master
+> dir: src
+> - url: git://
+> ref: debian/unstable
+> dir: src/debian
+> - url: git://
+> ref: master
+> dir: gp-packaging-tools
+> Which would result in a directory tree like this:
+> /workspace
+> /workspace/src
+> /workspace/src/.git
+> /workspace/src/debian
+> /workspace/src/debian/.git
+> /workspace/gp-packaging-tools
+> /workspace/gp-packaging-tools/.git
+That looks acceptable (presumably there'd need to be an action:git pipeline
+step somewhere too?)
+> I admit the git parameter gets a bit repetitive. If that's enough of a
+> problem, I'd be willing to make the git action understand the optional
+> parameter "git_server" (or "git_base_url"):
+> - project: foo
+> parameters:
+> git_server: git:///
+> git:
+> - repo: foo.git
+> ref: master
+> dir: src
+> - repo: foo-debian.git
+> ref: debian/unstable
+> dir: src/debian
+> - repo: gp-packaging-tools.git
+> ref: master
+> dir: gp-packaging-tools
+I'd call it repo_base and expect that repos which aren't absolute are urljoin'd
+onto it as you suggest.
+> Also, we could make "master" be the default branch. Actually, that
+> suggests to me that a mechanism for providing defaults might be
+> useful. Maybe something like this:
+Sounds good, though again I'd call it default_ref so that it's clear what its
+purpose is.
+> In thie example, the url/ref/dir tuple is replaced with a
+> server/repo/ref/dir tuple and the full repo URL is built by combining
+> server and repo fields. (Though it might be helpful to provide a url
+> field that can be used instead of server+repo.) See below for
+> overriding values in triggers.
+As I suggested, I'd just go with "if repo is absolute, use it, otherwise
+urljoin" as a non-surprising behaviour.
+> Handling a list of dicts in shell with jq is not necessarily the kind
+> of thing I enjoy doing. I'd do it in Python instead, where it's not as
+> awkward.
+> Your system branch use case is interesting. My initial suggestion for
+> that would be change ick to allow a trigger call, which starts a new
+> build, to override project parameters for a specific build. Currnetly
+> it's just a simple GET:
+> GET /projects/foo/+trigger
+> We could add another way to do triggers:
+> POST /projects/foo/+trigger
+> Content-Type: application/json
+> {
+> "parameters": {
+> "git_defaults": {
+> "ref": "liw/fix"
+> }
+> }
+> }
+> This would set the "ref" field in the "git_defaults" parameter to
+> "liw/fix". The "server" field would not be changed. The
+> foo-debian.git still use the debian/unstable branch.
+So long as you have a mechanism for removing values as well, that'd work quite
+well for the most part. It still lacks the fallback for repos which lack the
+ref, sadly, but perhaps that can't be usefully managed generically?
+> While this would not be as powerful as full jinja2 support, it would,
+> I think, be a useful feature, entirely separate from templating.
+> What I suggest here isn't really what you suggested, but what do you
+> think? Would this be workable?
+For my primary use-case this would be perfectly fine. For the system branch
+use-case it's still not quite enough to prevent a need for an additional
+pipeline step to handle the checkouts.
+I think, for now, we should go with the primary-use case stuff, and worry about
+the complex trigger solution in another iteration in the future. Do you want
+to combine all of the stuff into a specification and then I'll review that so
+we can close this work item off?
+Daniel Silverstone
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