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SCENARIO add a simple note
GIVEN an empty journal in SRC
AND the time is 2014-11-22 17:30:45
- WHEN I run jt new TITLE
+ WHEN I run jt new TITLE-TRÖÖT
THEN file SRC/drafts/0.mdwn exists
- AND file SRC/drafts/0.mdwn matches title="TITLE"
+ AND file SRC/drafts/0.mdwn matches title="TITLE-TRÖÖT"
+(Note that we use a title with non-ASCII characters to make sure jt
+handles that.)
This is where the user would normally use their editor to edit the
draft, and exit the editor when done.
WHEN I run jt finish
THEN file SRC/drafts/0.mdwn doesn't exist
- AND file SRC/notes/2014/11/22/title.mdwn exists
+ AND file SRC/notes/2014/11/22/title-tr_t.mdwn exists
This is how you create a note, in the simplest case. A more complex
case is when there's more than one draft at a time.