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Add SSH_AUTH_SOCK to pre-requisites
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@@ -76,9 +76,11 @@ Test suite pre-requisites
Yarn must be run with `--env` used to set the environment variables
-`GITANO` and `GITHOST`. `GITANO` must be the Unix user for the
-Gitano instance (typically `git`), and `GITHOST` must be the address
-of the host (IP address or domain name).
+`GITANO` and `GITHOST`. `GITANO` must be the Unix user for the Gitano
+instance (typically `git`), and `GITHOST` must be the address of the
+host (IP address or domain name). The `SSH_AUTH_SOCK` environment
+variable needs to be set so the user running the test suite can access
+the Gitano instance being tested using their own ssh key.
The person running this test suite must be able to log in to the
Gitano instance using their normal ssh key. In other words,