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"there are ... cars", I think, or is "there is ... cars" a figure of speech that I don't know yet?
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@@ -464,7 +464,7 @@ my things, turn off the remaining lights, and go home. It's dark, and
wet. The street is old cobblestones, shiny, and there's more rain
coming down softly. The stones are slippery, but I'm dressed for the weather.
It's late enough that it's long past rush hour, so while the streets
-aren't empty, there's only occasional cars. At the same time it's not
+aren't empty, there are only occasional cars. At the same time it's not
early enough for the party folk to be out and about. Small groups
of teenagers roam the streets, but aren't making a nuisance of
themselves. I guess the rain dampens their enthusiasm for mischief.