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+with GPG being great and all that, I'd still prefer having the option to
+use a plain passphrase and AES encryption with obnam. IMHO, this
+approach has two advantages:
+* Considerably simpler setup, you merely need to come up with a
+high-entropy passphrase.
+* Much easier to back up - you don't need to worry about losing the
+passphrase due to a hard drive crash. If you are afraid of forgetting
+it, then writing it down and keeping somewhere safe will do.
+It's particularly that second point which is important to me: if the GPG
+key / passphrase used to encrypt my backup are lost it becomes
+completely useless. With GPG I need to back up the encryption key
+separately, doing so securely tends to be rather complicated.
+Sure, passphrases usually won't have the 256 bits of entropy necessary
+to take full advantage of AES-256. However, this doesn't matter much as
+long as they aren't easily guessable and a good (meaning slow) key
+derivation algorithm is used.
+I'm currently trying out the following simple plugin to implement
+encryption via passphrase (please don't comment on code quality, this
+hasn't been polished):
+> import hashlib
+> import os
+> from Crypto.Cipher import AES
+> class EncryptionPlugin(obnamlib.ObnamPlugin):
+> def enable(self):
+> self.tag = "encaespw"
+> # There doesn't appear to be any "canonical" way to derive an AES key
+> # from a passphrase. There is OpenSSL's enc tool but it uses a very
+> # weak key derivation function (details under
+> # So let's just use
+> # PBKDF2 with a high number of iterations.
+> passphrase = os.environ['PASSPHRASE']
+> if not passphrase:
+> raise Exception('No encryption passphrase given')
+> self.key = hashlib.pbkdf2_hmac('sha256', passphrase, 'aes key',
+> 256 * 1024, dklen=32)
+>'repository-data', self, obnamlib.Hook.LATE_PRIORITY)
+> def filter_read(self, encrypted, repo, toplevel):
+> iv = encrypted[0:16]
+> return, AES.MODE_CFB, iv).decrypt(encrypted[16:])
+> def filter_write(self, cleartext, repo, toplevel):
+> iv = os.urandom(16)
+> return iv +, AES.MODE_CFB, iv).encrypt(cleartext)
+It works nicely and IMHO similar functionality could be added to the
+official distribution. Notes:
+* The passphrase is being passed in via an environment variable rather
+than command line parameters. While I am not a Linux expert, it's my
+understanding that this is a more secure approach - the command line can
+be seen by other users on the same computer, environment variables IMHO
+cannot be accessed.
+* In my setup, the passphrase is mandatory (I don't want to create an
+unencrypted backup by mistake). In the official encryption plugin, there
+would rather be a command line option like
+--encryption-backend=passphrase to enable passphrase-based encryption.
+Also, the key size doesn't have to be hardcoded at 32 bytes (meaning
+AES-256), there can be an additional option like
+--encryption-algo=aes-128 allowing to specify other key sizes.
+* I am currently using a hardcoded salt for PBKDF2. While not
+particularly bad (only relevant if a large number of encrypted obnam
+backups is being accessed by an unauthorized party), this isn't optimal
+either. One solution would be having a random salt for each file, but
+this would require deriving an individual key for each file and degrade
+performance. The other solution would be generating a unique random salt
+for each repository. This would create a single point of failure
+however, if the file storing that random salt gets corrupted the entire
+backup becomes unusable.
+* The current encryption plugin will use /dev/random rather than
+/dev/urandom by default. This precaution might be justified when
+generating encryption keys, yet I'm only calling os.urandom() to
+generate the initialization vector. With a new initialization vector
+being generated for each encrypted file, polling /dev/random might be
+too slow here. Also, randomness of initialization vectors isn't as
+critical and doesn't justify such measures IMHO.
+Any comments? I can write a patch if the general direction is approved.
+obnam-dev mailing list
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