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+# Version 0.7.X, released 2022-07-24
+## Breaking changes
+Breaking changes are ones that mean existing backups can't be
+restored, or new backups can't be created.
+* The list of backups is stored in a special "root chunk". This means
+ backups are explicitly ordered. This also paves way for a future
+ feature to backups: only the root chunk will need to be updated.
+ Without a root chunk, the backups formed a linked list, and deleting
+ from the middle of the list would updating the whole list.
+* The server chunk metadata field `sha256` is now called `label`.
+ Labels include a type prefix, to allow for other chunk checksum
+ types in the future.
+* The server API is now explicitly versioned, to allow future changes
+ to cause less breakage.
+## New features
+* Users can now choose the backup schema version for new backups. A
+ repository can have backups with different schemas, and any existing
+ backup can be restored. The schema version only applies to new
+ backups.
+* New command `obnam inspect` shows metadata about a backup. Currently
+ only the schema version is shown.
+* New command `obnam list-backup-versions` shows all the backup schema
+ versions that this version of Obnam supports.
+* Obnam now logs some basic performance measurement for each run: how
+ many live files were found in total, backed up, chunks uploaded,
+ existing chunks reused, and how long various parts of the process
+ took.
+## Other changes
+* The `obnam show-generation` command now outputs data in the JSON
+ format. The output now includes data about the generation's SQLite
+ database size.
+## Thank you
+Several people have helped with this release, with changes or
+* Alexander Batischev
+* Lars Wirzenius
# Version 0.7.1, released 2022-03-08
## Bug fixes