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6 daysMerge branch 'tls' into 'main'HEADmainLars Wirzenius3-5/+5
6 daysfeat! make obnam-server always use TLSLars Wirzenius3-5/+5
7 daysMerge branch 'deb' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-2/+2
7 daysdoc: note that a .deb is now builtLars Wirzenius1-2/+2
7 daysMerge branch 'done' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-1/+1
7 daysfix: uppercase typoLars Wirzenius1-1/+1
7 daysMerge branch 'done' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-0/+1
7 daysdoc: add CI builds .deb to DONE.mdLars Wirzenius1-0/+1
8 daysMerge branch 'chunktree' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius2-9/+37
8 daysperf: store chunks on disk in a 3-level directory treeLars Wirzenius2-9/+37
8 daysMerge branch 'benchmark-store' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius8-0/+181
8 daysfeat: add programs to benchmark server chunk storageLars Wirzenius8-0/+181
9 daysMerge branch 'refactor' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius3-61/+89
9 daysrefactor: add an abstraction for an indexed storeLars Wirzenius3-61/+89
10 daysMerge branch 'progress' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius3-23/+88
10 daysfeat: progress reporting to backups and restoresLars Wirzenius3-23/+88
11 daysMerge branch 'templite' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius7-19/+40
11 daysfeat! use temporary files for SQLite databasesLars Wirzenius7-19/+40
11 daysMerge branch 'config' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-16/+2
11 daysrefactor: use the same ClientConfig for both backups and restoresLars Wirzenius1-16/+2
11 daysMerge branch 'archdoc' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-44/+214
11 daysdoc: add a lot more on architecture and implementation into obnam.mdLars Wirzenius1-39/+209
11 daysdoc: improve wordingLars Wirzenius1-5/+5
11 daysMerge branch 'debian' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius7-0/+78
11 dayschore: add .deb packagingLars Wirzenius7-0/+78
11 daysMerge branch 'check' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-2/+7
11 daysfix: run cargo clippy, fmt only if availableLars Wirzenius1-2/+7
12 daysMerge branch 'pikchr' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-20/+33
12 daysdoc: use pikchr for Obnam architecture diagramLars Wirzenius1-20/+33
2020-11-18Merge branch 'gpl3' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-0/+674
2020-11-18chore: add copy of GPL-3 as COPYINGLars Wirzenius1-0/+674
2020-11-18Merge branch 'url' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius7-23/+18
2020-11-18feat! change client config to take a base URL instead of host, portLars Wirzenius7-23/+18
2020-11-13Merge branch 'subplot-improvements' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius1-78/+48
2020-11-13doc: tidy up and tighten the acceptance criteria chaptersLars Wirzenius1-2/+4
2020-11-13doc: tighten up the architecture chapterLars Wirzenius1-6/+6
2020-11-13doc: mark some requirements as doneLars Wirzenius1-6/+9
2020-11-13doc: tidy up the requirementsLars Wirzenius1-1/+2
2020-11-13doc: tighten and clean up the glossaryLars Wirzenius1-7/+8
2020-11-13doc: tighten up language in the introductionLars Wirzenius1-4/+4
2020-11-13doc: drop placeholder sections, rearrange document structureLars Wirzenius1-52/+8
2020-11-13doc: add an abstract to the subplotLars Wirzenius1-0/+7
2020-11-13Merge branch 'subplot' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius12-209/+431
2020-11-13refactor: split obnam's bindings, functions for clarityLars Wirzenius9-208/+168
2020-11-13chore: update runcmd Subplot library, move to sublot/vendoredLars Wirzenius4-1/+263
2020-11-13Merge branch 'single-bin-client' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius11-88/+135
2020-11-13refactor: put all client functionality into one programLars Wirzenius11-88/+135
2020-11-13Merge branch 'subplot' into 'main'Lars Wirzenius5-11/+97
2020-11-13test: add scenario for smoke testing backup+restoreLars Wirzenius3-2/+91
2020-11-13test: update check to format subplot and generate&run test programLars Wirzenius2-9/+6