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+On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 02:05:28PM +0100, Daniel Silverstone wrote:
+> I have noticed, over time, that it's possible to get into situations
+> where the controller is in a bit of an inconsistent or messy state.
+> To that end I'd like to suggest the introduction of a set of lints which
+> can be run against the controller to tell you about it (or a subset of it=
+I am in full support of this idea. I have some suggestions. We should
+definitely do some form of this idea, preferably sooner. I too have
+spent long evening trying to get all the details right.
+> * Projects refer to pipelines which do not exist
+> * Projects refer to pipelines but do not have all the requisite parameters
+> * Pipelines exist which are not referred to by any project
+> * Pipelines exist with no actions
+I would add the following check:
+* Project defines a parameter that none of its pipelines ask for.
+The first implementation thought I have is that we should make it easy
+to write checks. If it's easy, we'll have more, and they'll more
+likely be correct.
+My second implementation thought is it would be nice to be able to
+run the checks before putting the projects and pipelines into the
+controller. Thus, I'd do it client side. It would be nice if the
+client could read the projects and resources from the controller, or
+=66rom a local file, though. Local file is more important: if we have
+that, we can use "icktool show" to list all projects and pipelines.
+My third implementation thought is that I'd like this to not be part
+of icktool, which is growing fairly large already. Thus, a new tool,
+icklint, would be called for. It can be added to ick2.git, or be kept
+in its own repository. Could be written in Python or any other
+suitable language, such as Rust. (I'd like to learn Rust more.)
+Preferably a language I understand.
+Alternatively, we could have a set of checks, and a way to run them
+against a set of project and pipeline objects, and then use them both
+=66rom icktool, and in the controller, runnig the checks at build
+trigger time.
+Since I don't yet know enough Rust to write this, I sketch in Python:
+assume a main program that reads files with projects and pipelines,
+and then runs though a number of checks. Each check is implemented as
+an object with the following interface:
+ class IckLintCheck:
+ def set_projects(self, projects):
+ def set_pipelines(self, projects):
+ def get_projects(self):
+ def get_pipelines(self):
+ def find_lint(self):
+Here projects and pipelines are dicts indexed with the name of a
+project or pipeline, and find_lint yields a sequence of issues. An issue
+is a string to be displayed to the user.
+ class CheckProjects(IckLintCheck):
+ def find_lint(self):
+ checks =3D [self.check_pipeline_exists, self.check_params_given]
+ for p in self.get_projects():
+ for name in p['pipelines']:
+ for check in checks:
+ for issue in check(p, name):
+ yield issue
+ def check_pipeline_exists(self, p, name):
+ if name not in self.get_pipelines():
+ yield 'Project {} uses pipeline {}, which does not exist'.f=
+ p['project'], name)
+ def check_params_given(self, p, name):
+ pl =3D self.get_pipelines()[name]
+ for param in pl['parameters']:
+ if param not in p['parameters']:
+ yield 'Project {} does not define {}, needed by {}.form=
+ p['project'], param, name)
+It is probably possible to reduct boilerplate, but I hope you get the
+idea from the example.
+Does that seem reasonable?
+I want to build worthwhile things that might last. --joeyh
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