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+(Sorry about taking so long to answer: I was travelling for work.)
+On Sat, Feb 09, 2019 at 05:07:55AM +0000, Steve Kemp wrote:
+> Assume you're building a kernel, which might spit out 400,000 lines
+> of build-log. Assume each new update, due to buffering, or sizing,
+> is 10 lines.
+> To get the whole build-log you're going to need to:
+> * Get the first piece.
+> * Get the next child.
+> * Get the next child.
+> * Get the next child, 39,997 times more.
+> That seems like it will scale terrible. The only potential win I can
+> see here is imagining that you might want to view the output via a
+> brower and you'll probably only care about the LAST 100 lines, not the
+> FIRST. (i.e. The bit which will typically contain "built blah", or
+> "build failed".)
+You're right, this scales badly to long build logs, because of the
+large number of HTTP requests required. (The size of the logs is so
+much less of an issue I'm going to ignore that for now.)
+For now, I think I'm OK with that, if it's fast enough for
+not-very-long build logs. From my personal Ick instance, the longest
+log files are about 14000 lines. I added a little benchmark script to
+the muck-poc repository to test this: benchmark-log. I generates N
+snippets, stores them in Muck, then searches for the snippets, and
+retrieves each, and reconstructs the whole log by catenating the
+snippets in order (i.e., as outlined in my previous mail). It also
+reports how long each stage takes.
+Note that muck-poc and the benchmark are both running sequentially.
+Running with N=3D14000, on my laptop, the script outputs:
+ creating snippets
+ getting list of snippets
+ reconstructing full log
+ OK
+ 68 creation time
+ 0 list snippets
+ 67 assemble log
+This is not excellent. Is it tolerable? Not very tolerable for
+interactive use. I'm not much worried, for now, about the time it
+takes to create the log file snippets, that's going to be drowned by
+the actual build. The time to get the list of snippets is fast enough,
+I think, even in the current prototype written in Python without
+The full log assembly time is bad. As you say, it's because there's a
+lot of HTTP requests. It might be tolerable for a short while, while
+we improve things, just to get the Ick controller to use Muck instead
+of having local state, but let's discuss how we can improve it.
+I don't like the idea of keeping the log file locally, either on the
+worker-manager or the controller, as it means that one can't do the
+equivalent of "tail -f" while the build is running. Updating the
+controller's view of the log while the build is running, without
+lagging much from actual output, is a thing I'd really like to keep.
+I also don't want to rely on websockets or similar, for now. The Muck
+archtecture doesn't currently suit that, and I don't want to change
+that, at least for now.
+The controller could coalesce small snippets while the build is
+running. It could notice that there's a lot of small snippets, and
+combine them into a bigger snippet, deleting the small ones. This
+would radically reduce the number of snippets. If, say, the controller
+combined 1000 small snippets to one larger one, that would reduce the
+number of snippets so much reconstructing a complete log is tolerably
+fast - order of zero seconds at the moment on my laptop. It'd mean
+some duplication of log data in the Muck changelog, but I think that'd
+also be acceptable. There's a fair bit of back and forth of log data,
+of course.
+Thus, the controller would do this:
+* incoming short snippets would arrive from the worker-manager as
+ outlined in my previous email
+* the controller would create a short snippet object in Muck for each
+ incoming snippet
+* new step: if there are more than M short snippet objects for a
+ build, the controller would construct a combined snippet object, and
+ delete the short snippet objects
+* new step: at the end of the build, the controller would comine all
+ short snippet objects
+* new: when returning the whole log, the controller would first
+ catenate all the combined snippets, and then the short snippets
+Does this seem reasonable? I think it'd have tolerably good
+Another approach, some day in the future, might be to have a "log
+server" instead of having the controller do that, but that is a whole
+new component, and I don't want to go there yet.
+I want to build worthwhile things that might last. --joeyh
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