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-I have a Patreon project open for this book. It's not about making a
-lot of money, but about getting encouragement: if someone's willing to
-give me even just a little money, it makes me think they like what I
-write, and that encourages me to write more. There is a reward level
-where if you give enough, you get your name in the book. This section
-is for that.
-The people who enthusiastically give me enough money to have their
-names in the book are:
+I used to have a Patreon project open for this book. The people who
+enthusiastically give me enough money to have their names in the book
* Mauri Sahlberg
* Rob Kendrick
-In addition there are several who donate less.
-I can't express how much it means to me that people appreciate my
-writing. It's almost as if I was a real writer, which has been a dream
-of mine since I was a teenager.
+In addition there are several who donated less.
-I hasten to clarify that I appreciate all readers, whether they give
-me enough to be named here, or less, or nothing at all.
+Thank you all.