AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-07-13Merge branch 'fix-12' into 'master'HEADmastermainLars Wirzenius5-32/+144
2020-06-20Merge branch 'extract' into 'master'Daniel Silverstone9-1/+102
2020-06-20test: Add scenario to validate case sensitivity in bindingsDaniel Silverstone1-0/+25
2020-06-20feat: Case insensitive matching by defaultDaniel Silverstone1-20/+85
2020-06-20test: Ensure that scenario keywords match insensitivelyDaniel Silverstone1-2/+2
2020-06-20test: Ensure case insensitive bindings workDaniel Silverstone1-6/+6
2020-06-20feat: Ensure keys in bindings files are case insensitiveDaniel Silverstone3-3/+25
2020-06-20Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Lars Wirzenius1-1/+1
2020-06-20feat: Scenario keyword caseless matchingDaniel Silverstone1-1/+1
2020-06-20Merge branch 'funcsrc' into 'master'Daniel Silverstone3-5/+31
2020-06-20Merge branch 'metalist' into 'master'Daniel Silverstone2-0/+33
2020-06-08feat: add sp-extract for extracting data files from subplotsLars Wirzenius5-1/+87
2020-06-08refactor: export DataFile so programs can use embedded filesLars Wirzenius2-0/+3
2020-06-08test(files): add binding and function for comparing file contentsLars Wirzenius2-0/+12
2020-06-08feat(sp-meta): list names of embedded files in outputLars Wirzenius2-0/+33
2020-06-07feat: supply source file name for functions filesLars Wirzenius3-5/+31
2020-06-07Merge branch 'kinnison/fix-59' into 'master'Lars Wirzenius5-40/+122
2020-06-07test: Add no-binding and multiple-binding check scenariosDaniel Silverstone1-0/+60
2020-06-06bindings: Verify that the correct error is returned from Bindings::find()Daniel Silverstone1-2/+28
2020-06-06bindings: Change to take ownership of passed bindingsDaniel Silverstone1-8/+8
2020-06-06feat: Support reporting error when more than one binding matches a stepDaniel Silverstone4-32/+28
2020-06-06Merge branch 'enoent' into 'master'Daniel Silverstone4-3/+54
2020-06-06fix: report name of missing bindings or functions file in error msgLars Wirzenius4-3/+54
2020-06-06Merge branch 'env' into 'master'Daniel Silverstone2-0/+24
2020-06-06Merge branch 'doc' into 'master'Daniel Silverstone1-51/+45
2020-05-24doc: refactor document structure for clarityLars Wirzenius1-51/+45
2020-05-24feat: set up a minimal environment in the code templatesLars Wirzenius2-0/+24
2020-05-24Merge branch 'kinnison/fix-55' into 'master'Lars Wirzenius5-15/+241
2020-05-24test: add scenarios to verify newline adding to embedded filesLars Wirzenius3-8/+161
2020-05-24feat: Add linting for add-newline attributeDaniel Silverstone2-0/+55
2020-05-24feat: support adding newlines to filesDaniel Silverstone1-7/+25
2020-05-24Merge branch 'kinnison/fix-50' into 'master'Lars Wirzenius3-11/+95
2020-05-24test: add test scenarios for mixing regex and simple patternsLars Wirzenius1-0/+65
2020-05-24test: Test simple patterns with metacharacters changeDaniel Silverstone1-8/+8
2020-05-24feat: Add error if implicit simple pattern has regex metacharactersDaniel Silverstone1-2/+13
2020-05-24errors: Add error case for regex metacharacters detectedDaniel Silverstone1-0/+8
2020-05-24fix: Correct regex used in converting simple patternsDaniel Silverstone1-1/+1
2020-05-24Merge branch 'kinnison/fix-52' into 'master'Lars Wirzenius5-18/+163
2020-05-24test(sp-meta): amend scenario to also test JSON outputLars Wirzenius4-0/+67
2020-05-24feat: sp-meta now supports json outputDaniel Silverstone1-2/+29
2020-05-21refactor: make sp-meta structure based ready for jsonDaniel Silverstone1-18/+69
2020-05-21Merge branch 'multi' into 'master'Daniel Silverstone12-232/+303
2020-05-20refactor: move things from subplot.{py,yaml} to separate filesLars Wirzenius7-183/+230
2020-05-20feat!: allow multiple bindings and functions filesLars Wirzenius8-50/+74
2020-05-17Merge branch 'finally2' into 'master'Daniel Silverstone7-81/+460
2020-05-17feat( add acceptance criteria for cleanup functionalityLars Wirzenius3-6/+225
2020-05-17feat( call cleanup functions if definedLars Wirzenius1-17/+51
2020-05-17feat( call cleanup functions if definedLars Wirzenius1-2/+26
2020-05-17refactor( make Python template easier to followLars Wirzenius1-32/+87
2020-05-17feat: add optional "cleanup" function to bindingsLars Wirzenius2-26/+73